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Your Inner Blood Type is Type A

You seem cool and collected, though a bit shy.

You are highly driven and a perfectionist, but that's a side you keep to yourself.

Creative and artistic, you are a very unique person who doesn't quite fit in.

People accept you more than you realize, seeing you as trustworthy and loyal.

You are most compatible with: A and AB

Famous Type A's: Britney Spears and Hilter

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The Stoned Convicts

If You Were Born in 2893...

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Your French Name is:

Marianne Andrieu

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Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!

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You've Experienced 16% of Life

You have the life experience of a young teenager - which means there's a lot of life in front of you.

And if you are past your teen years, you probably have some catching up to do!

Your World View

You are a happy, well-balanced person who likes people and is liked by others.

You question whether many conventional views on morality are valid under all circumstances.

You are essentially a content person.

Sometimes, you consider yourself a little superior.

You are moral by your own standards.

You believe that morality is what best suits the occasion.

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I've made smarter things than you by eating fiber

This sites fun rather


Yes yes i know that this is most likely a scam and that the chances of me getting a free ipod is like ice in hell but what the hey. You never know right?

So come on! Help me get a free ipod! You get one too (apparently)

P.S. Im back in OZ btw. Wierd.

Fangirly moment

OMG, was just rewatching a bit of Kimi wa Petto....
Is there anyone hotter then Matsujun?? I swear!!! Seriously! >o< That boy is GORGEOUS! And he dances! ^^;;
It would be a total dream to go out with someone that beautiful methinks... But you'd be completely insecure the whole time.
He just too perfect.... I LOVE MATSUJUN...
Real Life wise he deserves all my fangirly worship. What was I on jumping on the Kamenashi band?? Its Matsujun all the way for me mate. From now on. Forever.
Course it kinda helps that Hana Yori Dango 2 is being aired tomorrow but still....
Hes the most gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful creature ever. Matsujun.... Matsujun.....

Come on!! Who can beat that??

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year!! Cuz its now 2007 mates!! ^^;;

Ive had a total blast. For the past three days (just got back today) I went Skiing!!! Me!! Snow! Skiing!
I mean i only saw snow for the first time ever (It fell from the sky! It was so cool!!!!) a week ago before then.
But me, Rei and Makoto went up to Hachikougen and stayed in a Ski.jo.. Err place thing. Twas called Asahi Lodge.

And well.. Let me just say. Blankets and blankets or gorgeous pure white snow. Its so beautiful. I alwasy knew I loved snow. Even before i ever saw it i already liked it. This just proves it like ten times.

But yeah, it was hilarious because.. haha did you know theres such thing as ski clothes?? Didnt realise. Dunno what i was thinking though.. Rock up in a pair of jeans and a sweater.. Sure.. thats what i wore.. Under the ski clothes. But yeah
Host Parents were busy with work and the ill grandmother so it was just us kids. Snowing it up. Haha. Bad pun forgive me.

But I had one on one lessons with Shouhei coach.. Ahhh you know all those cute stories bout that hot ski instructor? Well.. that was certainly true for me.. >.> He was cute, only 20yrs old too.. Though the only time we got physical was when he was trying to haul me up from the snow after a couple spectacular snow in your face falls.. Um. Pity. I shall probably never see him again.

But well. I can now ski. ^^;; Like. I dunno, perhaps Im a natural or something (or maybe knowing how to rollerblade/ice skate helps) but I could totally like balance and stuff. And the thing with downhill skiing... is well try not to stop completely. If your going too fast, which is like really bad (think tumbling all the way down a gigantic mountain cuz ur outta control type bad) slow down.

1st day was like.. so.. How do i put these things on?? It was mostly doing stuff like trying to move forward.. Erm, not trip over ones feet.

2nd day was ooo we go on the funny straight lift thing and then skii straight. Dude.. you like totally need arm muscles for this. And your knees like totally lock into place. >o< Am happy to admit it but going to school everyday (almost) really has upped my fitness level. Okay i was on the path to slothiness past couple of weeks but say compared to how i was in Australia?? err Muri!
But after a couple goes on the straight thing... we went on the scenic coursel.. Rikan Kousu. And thats was cool, I got to see a gigantic snowman that someone made. Didnt get to take a photo but twas cool. Then straight after that Kou-chi took my up monster mountain (what i call it anyway) and well we did skis down that.. Dude.. can i just saw fucking terrifying.
And exhilarating. Completely. Its like.. whoa.. Flying. On your legs. haha.
Im seriously amazed i could do it to be honest. You stand at the top looking down thinking shit this is steep then you stand at the bottom looking up and you think shit thats really big...
But I managed to skii all the way down the mountain. The same route that Rei and Makoto were skiing and practicing on.
The best thing perhaps was when me and Rei when after lessons and we skiied down by ourselves.
Im most proud of the run where i didnt stop almost at all. Straight all the way down. That was so cool.

Day 3, last day, we only had a morning lesson. Um not as good as the day before, mainly because there was no snow.. It was sorta raining and like.. Grass was popping up and stuff. Dudes grass is a hazard man. I full on tripped out over like two patches or dodgy grass. Gay as. #_# But it was more skiing even if all my joints and muscles and whatnot was aching.
I learnt how to turn sharper and stuff though so that was really cool. And well the final run of the whole thing i did entirely by myself. Huge ass mountain and all. If i could pick, moderately sloped, wide wide wide clear space is best.
Lots of room to manuever and well correct yourself if it looks like ur heading towards the trees (which has happend on occasion)

But yeah. I CAN SKII!! I cant believe i never went in Oz. Thats so stupid. Thats it though. If possible Im gonna organise a group outing or something. To have never seen snow. Thats just completely... shocking. Stupid. Crap.

Anyway... Now im back.. and er still pondering the packing and the speech writing and the like.
Im suppose to have organised an iceskating thing... errr. Love Ice skating too btw.
Haha that i can do, and am fairly confident in. Cant do tricks and the like but I totally grew up rollerskating/blading.. Whoo-hoo go Holiday Programs! Ice skating isnt so different to rollerblading really.

Oh and i had great news from my host father (who is a doctor btw) well i think its good news. I now actually have a medical reason for no being a morning person! Isnt that cool? I always just chalk it down to me being a lazy arse because on rare occasion i have been rather chipry/cheery/annoyingly so in the morning but it isnt exactly my usual temperament.
I have low blood pressure. Whatever that means and entails. I sorta wikied it but the other stuff that comes with it dizziness and the like. Yeahh... No. Not really. But hey, Im not a morning person and at least now i know why ^^;;

Its New Years sales from here on out though so i dunnoo.. perhaps i shall stock up on winter clothing?
~Hope everyones well, be in good health, take care!!!

Japanese Christmas

This goes out to All my Important People. Flist, that would be you. *cough*

Because they celebrate Christmas early in Japan, and Im feeling happy and christmassy and all. XDXD

Isnts it just horribly ostentacious and gaudy??? ^^;; Liketh very mucheth.
Ahem. Hope everyone else has a wonderful time too!

My very first cold Christmas! XDXD All you in Oz SUFFER! Its boiling isnt it?? hope the weather isnt too hot ^_~
May you all get lots of prezzies and eat yummy yummy food!

So far Ive gotten, a gorgeous Tiffany & Co, Silver Heart Necklace [お父さん], A bottle of Cool Water by Davidoff perfume (FAVE scent EVER)[レイ], A hot looking purple Sazaby handbag (that probably cost a tonne >o<) and a Takashimaya department store Pink 'Love' Teddy bear [from お母さん]. Yes! My tradition of getting Department Store teddy bear every year lives on!!!! (Usually I get the Myers bear).

And then we're going to go out for dinner! ^^;; So I get to dress up all pretty like. Am horribly sleepy because I slept at 6.30am (last minute gift wrapping) and woke at 9ish because thats when everyone was doing the morning togetherness thing.

We had a cheesecake for breakfast, courtesy of Makoto's cooking. I in turn got everyone each (except for Makoto, cuz I din realise hed be there) a glass box statutette thing. They're really cute tho! Snowman, Santa Claus and Christmas tree! ^^;; I own the Snowman one but its sooo cute. Wanted them all! Got them from when i went to 神戸 Hankyu Hands. Fun times. But also, this really cool Tree Calendar for お父さん, The new Limited edition Marjorlica Purple eyeshadow for Rei, and this cute Keyring Blackcat Mirror from Off the Walls for お母さん. Makoto did get presents, he got a Kangaroo keyring and an Australia t-shirt.. that i was supposed to give to him AGES ago but like... forgot.

Anyway. It was a fun fun fun gift giving time. Even if I am v. v. v. sleepy now.
おばあちゃん I Hope she feels better today. Very v. sick ;___; I made her an origami bauble out of washi.. Took almost two hours >o< Theres 12 pieces to put together! But just as a decoration perhaps ... Anyway, I'll pray for you.

And after dinner, tomorrow Im going to go to Nara on this one night camp thing, but i get to see Jane and Nicola who i haven seen in AGES! We can have an english christmas together! XDXD

Hope everyone elses' Christmas is enjoyable as mine has been so far!
Cheers <3<3 Mez

Oh and this.. Cuz its gaudy and cool!


Christmas Tree Decorations 12 Multicoloured Baubles: ¥900 per pack

Matching Silver Tiffany Necklaces: ¥10000

Outfit to wear for the Christmas Dinner: ¥6000

Makeup to go with the outfit and matching purple handbag: ¥18000

Eating a posh 6 course meal which includes the delicacies of Lobster, Cavier, Foi Grass and Expensive raw Beef with chopsticks:  Priceless.

^^;; Gotta love the Chopstick culture! Everything is eaten with them!

And who of course wouldnt be complete without their very own purple hedgehog? ^^;; The name Jackie is inspired off a pretty yaoi manga i read yesterday about a claymation Hedgehog named jackie. (And yes he was a minor subplot character)

my pet!

In other news apparently my books arrived today! Not that i can be sure theyre complete or anything but my lovely cousin dragged back the heavy block in 35degree weather. Love ya Jie! <3

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I'm a horrible person I know...

I'm feeling abit depressed right now.

Just found out that my host-family's grandmother is mortally ill with cancer can do that to you. Not only that it means that my host mother who is an absolute GEM will be ever so busy for the periods to come that most likely I will not be able to do anything with her.

Have spent the past week comping and as much as I love the net and cant live without it and yada ya Im going bored outta my brains. Hence the sudden flood of LJ interactiveness.

My usual drug of choice fanfiction is out because theres just nothing good right now. Not to mention particularly engrossing fandoms.

Second go to thing Anime is well.. I'm over it. Love it still. But not too obsessed.

Shall go back to the vices, next being Manga. Which funnily enough to say despite being IN JAPAN I've yet to read any in over 7 months. Have realised that my once dream of collecting as much manga as bloody possible is impossible because
a) there is just too much out there. Seriously.
b)ridiculous because im broke as it is
c) as with Anime, Im kinda really over it
d) there just may be nothing good right now...
e) if Gotlurk never shuts down I never have to buy manga again. *knocks on wood*
<ye non-mIRC ppl, oh how i feel sorry for you>

Host Club vol1 is done. Off to read.

Im still bored.

The whole access but not to tonnes of books also doesnt really help. This sucks.

More Sweet Valley!

Well LJ has changed. Again.
But I dont care too much because I have a TONNE of books to read! Um, when i get back.
I spent another $60 on ebay.... But like.. now? My SV collection?? Is very nearly (nearly keyword) complete...
Ahhh I wanna have a Sweet Valley reading marathon!! Yes yes go laugh at my dorkiness.
But hey, can honestly say I wouldnt know nearly as much about American High School culture if it werent for these books.
Hey, 85 books for 120? Im not complaining (too much)

Sweet Valley Entire ListCollapse )
I REALLY WANT TO READ! ;_____________;
Okay as of right now I have just spent $60 on eBay.
 What? Did i buy pray tell?
*looks furtively*
Books. 37 books to be exactly.
Now Im pretty sure somewhere along the way Ive told *someone* about my eventual and hopeful plan to one day own all the books in the entire Sweet Valley series. I have havent i?

Well i do have that plan and it is in motion. Perhaps not total super number 1 priority in my goals for life but it is there. And if this next business deal works out I may be 48 books more closer to that goal.. How much thats gonna cost... >o< Dang I need a Job. And a credit card.

^^;; However Cliche and Melodramatic and Unrealistic those books are they are enjoyable
and are a fun read. Plus there were times i would've killed to be Jessica Wakefield XDXD

Reminds me of my childhood really, series like that and Goosebumps and Babysitters Club.
Borrowing stuff from the library and seeing what 'others' read. I remember looking at a copy of
'Harriet the Spy' and thinking geez.. what a thick book. Would I read that one day?
I borrowed it at the time, tried to read it and found myself bored silly. It was highly recommended though
so Ill see if can tackle it again someday...

XDXD This coming from the girl who knocked back 'Gone with the WInd' 1000+ Pages in 6 days and then
HP5 & HP6 in less than a day each.

Of course these all get sent to Australia and technically I wont get to read any of it til Jan 15th
(People That is my Official Australia return date!) but hey.

A month and a half til Uni there after. ^^;;
Its time to get back to some of my roots methinks.

What books did you guys read as children?

P.S. And any comments other than total utter adoration of the SV Series will be tolerated =p *looks*